Claudio Costa

A happy CTO, an architect in computer systems with a focus on audio and video streaming, with a clear vision for decentralized powerful streaming tools.

Juan Alvarez

Relentless business developer, and Deputy CEO delivering web, mobile, and complex software solutions since the beginning of the expanding days of the internet.

SoundCTL provides the infrastructure and tools to deliver Audio Streams in real time from any device

Developers & Companies

The Audio API makes an agile, and quick development cycle for any audio based application. Forget about complex solutions with cumbersome libraries, with a few line descriptors an innovated enterprise application is created

Cloud and Infrastructure

Running on Mil Grade Facilities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, 100% Reliable on any small or large scale, On premise Private Cloud Solutions available for enterprise customers. Support for Ultra Sensitive Audio Apps in the IoT space, wearables.

Use Cases

The Audio API is currently being used in the music ecosystem. 1. Apps for live audio streaming from music events. 2. Live streaming from mobile devices or small boards from the field. Live news reports from the field during special events or emergency situations. Creation of portals for online music stations, online audio and music advertisement. Virtual Reality Audio Apps

Cool Audio Core Features

Live Audio Streaming

Live Mixer in the Cloud

Unlimited Inputs & Inputs

Support for Major Codecs

Encoding in real time

Remote Input connectivity

Equalizer, Special Effects, Gain Control

Built in Analytics

Scalable from a few instances to Millions

WE ARE OPERATIONAL 24 HOURS PER DAY In the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Send us an email for any questions or specialized enterprise solution, if your application has audio bits, then SoundCTL Audio API core Engine can do the complex and intricate operations.