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L We cater to business where developers can innovate without having to spend weeks or months trying to figure out how inner workings of audio or systems work. SoundCTL audio API quick and easy implementation takes the pain and time away from development of new innovation in the music ecosystem.

A live audio capturing solution for live streaming where cloud based and AI capabilities can deliver. a solution for millions of end listeners.

Juan Alvarez -CEO

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About SoundCTL

L  To keep deliverying tools and APIs for developers that. will connect content creators with fans and followers anywhere in the world. Enabling companies to reach out to customers thru audio channnels.
L To connect thru the same wavelengths in the content creation with audio live streaming and AI.
Z A full and intelligent audio API. Live mixing cloud based features. Live streaming from anywhere with any device. A seasoned API for any audio application in the web, mobile or IoT space.
Unconditional support for any product we deliver to our customers we are available 24/7 across the globe.

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SoundCTL API Enterprise
Support for web and mobile devices
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Meet Our Team

Claudio Costa


A happy CTO, an architect in computer systems with a focus on audio and video streaming, with a clear vision for decentralized powerful streaming tools..

Juan Alvarez


Relentless business developer, and Deputy CEO delivering web, mobile, and complex software solutions since the beginning of the expanding days of the internet.

Our Happy Clients

SoundCTL is a audio API with powerful capabilities to mix, live stream, and connect the world.