• Create and Connect content creators with audiences.
    Simple yet powerful live streaming audio
    Capture audio and mix it in real time. Build powerful applications, AI ready.


With a few line descriptors create the next innovation in the music ecosystem.

Loaded With Features

Live streaming, cloud based mixing, high and low band filters, web and mobile ready.

Blazing fast and high quality audio

Equalizer, and gain controls, easy to implement and AI ready.

Easy to Customize

Support for AAC, MP3, OPUS, FLAC. Set up own bitrates, easy to implement. Administration controls with built analytics.

What People Says About Us

Live Streaming Apps

Create a live streaming app to reach your audiences via web or mobile devices,


Innovate and be different

Create any app in the music ecosystem. Audio advertisement or product awareness. With the audio API you can concentrate in architecting your innovation the capturing and delivery of audio is handled by SoundCTL.

Enterprise and AI Ready

If you have a few end listeners or thousands no problem the API can handle it . Our cloud based solution will support you application.

Why Use our Audio API

Creative People Make Awesome things! A live audio streaming API where cloud based and AI capabilities can deliver a solution for millions of end listeners with the creation of any innovation in the music ecosystem, webinar, and podcasting applications.